Swainson's Warbler Banding -- A First for Audubon of Martin County

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The first Swainson's Warbler was banded at Possum Long on September 9th.
"What's exciting about this bird banding is that the Swainson's Warbler is very hard to detect," says, Nancy LaFramboise, Audubon of Martin County's banding team leader, adding, "It's a migrant bird that lurks in the undergrowth; and as far as we know, the Swainson's Warbler has not been documented in Martin County. This is probably our fourth really rare discovery on Possum Long."
The other three recent rare bird bandings at Possum Long include: the Western Tanager, Chuck-will's-widow, and Bicknell's Thrush. (Photo by Nancy Price)

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