Lake Okeechobee Ridge Park: Rafael Sanchez Trail

Hwy. 441
Port Mayaca, FL 34956
(772) 220-7114
Open all year, dawn to dusk.
This unconventional conservation site is a narrow strip of tropical hardwood hammock with a 6-mile trail sandwiched between expansive sugar cane fields to the east and the cleared area of the Herbert Hoover Dike to the west. This small forested ridge is thought to be the historic shoreline of Lake Okeechobee before the dike’s construction, and contains large, old trees that offer a glimpse of what this area might have looked like 100 years ago. Migrating songbirds find welcome respite from sugar cane and the open water of the “Big Lake” in this long, narrow strip of hammock, and can be concentrated in significant numbers in migratory months. While in the area, keep your eyes peeled in the evenings for barn owls common in this region; the port is also worth checking for wintering American White Pelicans and other waterbirds.
Directions: From intersection of US 98/441 and SR 76 (Kanner Hwy.) in Port Mayaca, drive 100 yds. north on US 98/441 (across the bridge) and turn left at your first opportunity. The access road will run back toward the river, where you can turn left and park under the bridge. Enter trail at the hammock to the east of the bridge.
Lake Okeechobee Ridge Park: Rafael Sanchez Trail
Port Mayaca
(772) 220-7114


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