Savannas Preserve State Park / Hawk’s Bluff Trail in Martin & St. Lucie counties

2541 SE Walton Road
Port St. Lucie FL 34952
(772) 398-2779
Located on Florida's Southeast coast, scenic landscapes within the park represent examples of what some of the first pioneers would see traveling through the area.
Savannas Preserve State Park provides a representative sample of a basin marsh that extended throughout Southern Florida  prior to the rapid  suburban sprawl.
Pavilions and picnic tables offering areas for visitors to relax are available near the center and at trailheads throughout the park.  Visitors can enjoy canoeing, kayaking and fishing in the wetlands as popular recreational activity.
Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers will enjoy the diversity of habitats this undisturbed area has to offer. Over 15 miles of multi-use trails that provide other recreational opportunities for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. Regularly scheduled guided-walks and canoe trips are available by reservation.
Savannas Preserve State Park
2541 SE Walton Rd
Port St Lucie, FL
(772) 398-2779


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